It's not just identity, language, and song. It's about fundamental well-being and community, which includes economics.

About Us


The Alliance for Renewing Indigenous Economies aims to foster a philosophical revolution, help tribal leaders establish stronger governance structures, and let a thousand indigenous nations bloom.

You share the goals of the Alliance for Renewing Indigenous Economies if you support:

  • Secure land rights for indigenous peoples;
  • Self-government for indigenous communities who want to exercise jurisdiction over their land and people; and
  • Fiscal independence that allows each tribal government to set their own priorities and meet their community’s particular goals and needs.

The intellectual foundation of the Alliance is the new indigenous economics, dedicated to understanding indigenous economies and the legal and administrative systems necessary to support them.

Today’s prevailing philosophy — what might be called colonial indigenous economics — and its top-down institutions have failed indigenous peoples, denying actual sovereignty for indigenous nations, and stifling economic growth. Consider the conditions in these countries:

  • In the United States, 20% of reservation households make less than $5000 annually.
  • The median income for Indigenous Canadians is 30% lower than for other Canadians.
  • Maori children are four times more likely than other New Zealand children to live in low-income homes.

Prior to European conquests, indigenous societies had well established rules regarding the use of human capital and natural resources, and entrepreneurs discovered better ways to produce food, organize collective production, and protect territories. Such entrepreneurship allowed indigenous peoples to survive, adapt, and prosper in a changing world. It’s time to renew these indigenous traditions of entrepreneurship and prosperity.

To develop, implement, and share the ideas of new indigenous economics the alliance for renewing indigenous economies engages four key groups:

Scholars: The alliance encourages and supports research, facilitates communication among scholars, and holds conferences and workshops.

Tribal leaders:  The alliance fosters communication among tribal leaders and educates those leaders in the necessary tools for successful governance.

Policy makers: The alliance helps legislators and other policy makers understand the roadblocks to indigenous market economies and what can be done to remove them.

Opinion leaders: The alliance provides public intellectuals and trust agents with stories and case studies of successful indigenous economies.