It's not just identity, language, and song. It's about fundamental well-being and community, which includes economics.


Creating the Alliance for Renewing Indigenous Economies

This summer, Alliance founders from Canada and New Zealand gathered in Kamloops, Brtitish Columbia. The Tulo Centre captured some of the conversation about the similarities and differences between the Maori experience and the First Nations experience. "We are joined by the Pacific, it doesn't divide us," explains Manny Jules.

Listen to Tulo's podcast to explore the importance of jurisdiction and the revolutionary ideas of the Alliance for Renewing Indigenous Economies. It isn't about just identity, language, and song. It's actually about fundamental well being and community, which includes economics as its underpinning.

Juli Holloway from the First Nations Tax Commission
Manny Jules from the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics
Te Maire Tau, Darren Russell, and Rinito Davis from the Ngāi Tahu Research Centre at the University of Canterbury

The Tulo Centre September 6, 2017

Wendy Purnell