It's not just identity, language, and song. It's about fundamental well-being and community, which includes economics.


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May 16 & 17: First Nations 2018 National Meeting

Our Lands. Our Jurisdiction. Our Institutions: First Nations Leading the Way.

A two-day meeting was held on May 16 & 17, 2018 at the River Rock Hotel and Casino in Vancouver, British Columbia. Attendees included 320 delegates from over 160 FMA and/or FNLMA First Nations communities across Canada.

The goals of the meeting were to bring First Nations leaders together to:

  • Share institutions tools and support services
  • Learn about First Nations success stories working outside of the Indian Act
  • Unify a collective voice for First Nations led initiatives and innovations
  • Set a clear path forward for building prosperous and vibrant First Nation communities

Organized by the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics, the FIrst Nations Tax Commission, the First Nations Financial Management Board, the First Nations Finance Authority, and the Lands Advisory Board.

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