It's not just identity, language, and song. It's about fundamental well-being and community, which includes economics.

Tools & Training

The Alliance for Renewing Indigenous Economies is committed to providing practical training to help tribal leaders establish jurisdictions, improve governance, and create conditions for their communities to flourish. Following and adapting the successful model of our Canadian partners, the Alliance will provide workshops for tribal leaders and policy makers.


Building a Competitive First Nation Investment Climate

This is the first edition of the Tulo Centre's open text book. It is an open text book in two ways. First, anyone can use it as a resource on how to create the administrative, fiscal and legal framework to support markets on First Nations and in some cases tribal lands. If you take our courses this text is complimented with learning activities, instructive role plays and assignments. If you would like to use this text for another course we ask that you contact to discuss partnership opportunities. 

This text is also open because we invite comments to improve and enhance it. We are particularly interested in case studies that are relevant to particular topics. In the near future we will be releasing a supplementary case study chapter to enhance this text for students of this subject. Your comments and suggestions can be sent to

We hope you enjoy reading this text book and find it helpful. Click on link to download: 

Textbook: Building a competitive investment climate on first nation lands

Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics

To regain control of our economic destiny, First Nations must have the tools to manage and guide our new direction. The Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics is the place where that knowledge is shared. 

The partnership between the First Nations Tax Commission, the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics and the Thompson Rivers University facilitates the transfer of best practices and knowledge for First Nations can open the door to their economic potential.

The Tulo Centre offers high quality workshops on a variety of specific topics. We can also work with you to develop custom workshops.

The Tulo Centre offers outstanding accredited programs to help First Nations build legal and administrative frameworks for markets to work.  

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