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All Roads Lead to Chaco Canyon: 2nd Annual Conference

  • Coushatta Pavilion Kinder, Louisiana (map)

Hosted by the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana & Southern University Law Center at the Coushatta Pavilion in Kinder, Louisiana

The 2nd annual All Roads Lead to Chaco Conference is centered on creating business opportunities and trade partnerships in Indian Country. Despite the large land masses of Indian reservations and the accompanying incentives such as the HUB Zone program, private entrepreneurs are often hesitant to invest in Indian Country. This conference will help business people understand the legal framework surrounding tribes and show them how to navigate the intricacies of doing business in Indian country. Further, it will suggest strategies that tribal leaders can use to make their reservations more attractive for private businesses. Leading experts will present on the following topics:

  • Historic Tribal Trade and Economic Practices

  • Nation Building

  • Creating Private Sector Economies on Reservations

  • Removing Barriers to Entrepreneurship in Indian Country

  • Inter-Tribal Trade

  • Tribal-State Business Partnerships

  • Business Transactions and Enforcing Contracts in Indian Country

  • Tribes and International Trade

Featured Speakers & Panelists:

  • Raymond Austin, Justice Emeritus, Navajo Nation Supreme Court

  • Adam Crepelle, Professor of Law, SULC

  • Joseph Austin, Attorney & CEO, OSA

  • Robert Miller, Professor of Law, Arizona State University

  • Stacy Leeds, Dean Emeritus, University of Arkansas School of Law

  • Bailey Walker, President, OK Indian Chamber of Commerce

  • Annetta Abbott, Past President, OK Indian Chamber of Commerce

  • Boyd Miller, Past President, OK Indian Chamber of Commerce

  • Marc Roark, Professor of Law

  • Rebecca Naragon, Economic Development Director, USET

  • Patrice Kunesh, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

  • Terry Anderson, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution at Stanford University

  • Colby Duren, Director of Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative

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